Blown Away By The Labrador Pioneer Footpath
Posted 08 October 2020, 3:41 pm NDT
Labrador Coastal Drive boasts an array of hiking experiences. Scenic community hikes, hikes with interpretation, hikes with 689 steps, beach hikes, island hikes and More.

The Labrador Pioneer Footpath is a network of community trails, roadways and wilderness footpaths. The Footpath was developed as a multi-day hiking trail with opportunities for coastal sightseeing, visiting attractions and other tourism amenities in the region. Sections of the Footpath are used regularly by residents and visitors alike. The exception to the rule is hikers who do the entire 60 km in one stretch. Among the few we know of are Bert Hudson, David Hawes, Jessica Dahn and Sara McCarthy.

Jessica wrote us to say that she was blown away by Labrador Pioneer Footpath. She reported that the Footpath is comparable to her hiking experiences in Italy, Portugal and Costa Rica!

Missing opportunities to participate in races this year because of COVID-19, Jessica was inspired to submit the Footpath to the website Fastest Known Time. Accepted routes are typically notable, long-distance trails. An FKT is a speed record that can be set on a given route, by anyone, at any time. The popularity of FKTs has been growing steadily for a long time, they're something that both amateur and professional athletes attempt to set on trails across the world.

With the approval of #FKTPioneerFootpath, the next step was to run it, record the GPS data, and submit it for verification to the FKT Team, which Jessica and her team mate Shaun MacLean will do on Saturday, October 10, 2020. They are heading out on the 60km Labrador Pioneer Footpath with hopes of setting a speed record that will prove to be a challenge for future runners to beat.

For anyone interested in following along, Jessica and Shaun will be carrying a tracker that should update throughout the day on this Map.

Check back here to see how they made out.

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