Pinsent's Arm
Pinsent's Arm (larger version)
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Pinsent's Arm is located on the south side of St. Michael's Bay, about 20 km southeast of Charlottetown. The community of Pinsent's Arm had historically served as the winter place for the fishing communities of Square Islands, Triangle, and other stations at the mouth of St. Michael's Bay but was settled permanently in the late 1950's. It is believed that the community and Pinsent's Island to the east were named for an early trader on the Labrador coast, Andrew Pinson. Pinsent's Arm relies on many services at Charlottetown, such as schooling for high school grades levels II and III, postal services, and medical services.
Square Islands(wmaclean) (larger version)
  • Population: 55
  • Postal Code: A0K
  • Location: 30 km of Route 514

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