Make someday, today!
Posted 31 July 2020, 2:05 pm NDT
Have you ever thought of visiting Labrador someday? Labrador sits on the edge of the North Atlantic. It has 7885 km of coastline bordering over 294,330 km sq of land, that's almost 10 km sq per every person that lives here!

Labrador Coastal Drive is the driving route through the southern region of Labrador, Route 510 to L'Anse Au Clair to Goose Bay. You are invited to come explore this rugged, pristine land, meet our residents and experience our heritage and the traditions that tie us to this place. Here are some other reasons to visit:

Hear the story and view artifacts from a Basque Whaling Station that provided oil for the lamps of Europe four and a half centuries ago at Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada/Basque Whaling Station

Step back in time at Battle Harbour National Historic District of Canada, a restored fishing village on a tiny island in the Labrador Sea, one of North America's oldest northern communities

Climb the 122 steps of the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada at Point Amour Provincial Historic Site

Ponder the mystery of the ceremonial burial of a Maritime Archaic child who died some 7,500 years ago, almost 2000 years before the pyramids were constructed, at the L'Anse Amour Burial Mound National Historic Site of Canada

Let majestic icebergs, dancing northern lights, and the colors of land, sea and sky awaken your heart and soul

Cruise the coast in the company of numerous marine lives, whales, seabirds, seals

Search our rocks for evidence of some of the worlds earliest known forms of life, tropical plants, and fairy holes

Visit us in winter and touch the heart of Labrador, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing

New transportation links make traveling here easier than ever. More

Make someday, today!

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