Hiking & Walking Trails
There are numerous opportunities for walking and hiking along Labrador Coastal Drive. There are trails to suit your individual preference, whether you're looking for a leisurely stroll or a more ambitious hike. White sandy beaches also make for great walking. On the sand of the Wonderstrands near Cartwright, you can hike for 56 km!!!
Labrador Pioneer Footpath
The Labrador Pioneer Footpath follows traditional walking routes along the shores of the Labrador Straits. These footpaths were once the only link by land to each community. Visit historic sites and admire the natural wonders of the area. More
Gin Cove Walking Trail - Mary's Harbour
Begin in the area of Mary's Harbour known as the Northeast Bottom, this 2000 foot trail leads off course to Gin Cove, where residents used to live before moving in to Mary's Harbour.Along the trail there is a great view of the ocean, icebergs and boats entering and leaving the busy port of Mary's Harbour. More
Dr. Moret's Walking Trail - Mary's Harbour
Located behind the Harbourview Manor, this 1000 foot trail leads to the site where Dr. Moret's house was located.The house was built to house doctors who worked for the IGA hospital in Mary's Harbour. The house burned down in 1945. See a history board and pictures at the site. More
Bouquet's Hill Trail - West St Modeste
This trail begins at the Town Centre in West St. Modeste. The trail takes you close to a reputed site of an 18th century French Fort built by Pierre Constantine to oversee his concession at 'St. Modet'. And from there walk the wooden steps to the top of Bouquet's Hill. More
Wonderstrands - Cartwright
The Wonderstrands, located in the new Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve, are a vast stretch of white sandy beaches near Cartwright. Days hikes and multiple overnight trips can be arranged with a local operator.
Tracey Hill Trail- Red Bay
This boardwalk trail of 689 steps make the climb to the top of Tracey Hill easy. There are rest stops along the way. Several stops have picnic tables. There are also two coin-operated telescopes for a close up view of the Red Bay Harbour. The view from the top is a great reward. More
Jersey Trail- L'Anse Au Clair
This trail extends along the shoreline of L'Anse Au Clair bay. A walking path of crushed stone makes for easy walking, interpretative signage adds to your entertainment. On the western side of the bay the trail leads to "the Jersey Rooms". You can easily see the foundations of buildings and stone walkways that were part of an 19th century fishing enterprise. The trail along the eastern side of the bay goes along a beautiful sandy beach, past the community graveyards, L'Anse Au Clair's bubbling sands, and along the shoreline to St. Clair's Cove.More
White Water Falls Trail - Mary's Harbour
The trail begins at the airport road in Mary's Harbour. It is an easy walk on gravel, the end of the trail is through a wooded ridge, leading to a a very grand waterfall. You can sit on the rocks to enjoy the view but there are also picnic tables in the area. More
Saddle Island Trail - Red Bay
More than 15 years of archaeological research on Saddle Island has greatly increased our understanding of 16th century Basque whaling in Labrador. Visitor may take a self-guided tour of past excavation sites on Saddle Island. A boat leaves every hour for the cost of $2. Inquire at the Visitor Centre. More
Flagstaff Hill - Cartwright
The trail begins at the end of Paradise Extension Road. It was George Cartwright's lookout for the entrance to Cartwright Harbour. There are excellent photo opportunities and the original canon is still in place on the hill. More
Boney Shore Trail - Red Bay
This trail begins at the end of the branch road to Tracey and ends at the Boney Shore, the area where whale carcasses discarded by 16th century Basque whalers washed ashore. The trail provides an excellent view of the harbour and Saddle Island. More
HMS Raleigh Trail - Point Amour
This trail begins at the Point Amour Lighthouse and takes you to the wreck site of H.M.S. Raleigh. The Raleigh was a British warship that ran aground in 1922. The trail follows the shoreline and is an excellent place to watch whales. More
Round Hill Pond - St. Lewis
A Popular a swimming spot, picnic area, with a short boardwalk to a point where there is another picnic area and fire pit (to be used in fall). On hot, sunny days many people head out to the pond, including visitors and neighboring communities. There are plans to further develop the site to extend the picnic area to accommodate the growing interest to avail of this place. More
Deep Water Creek - St Lewis
This combination trail of boardwalk steps and gravel starts at the top of Fox Harbour Hill and leads to the abandoned community of Deep Water Creek and beyond to Cape St.Lewis. More
Narrow footpath (larger version)
Blow Me Down - Port Hope Simpson
Entrance of the trail is behind P&K Sports & Automotive. This hiking trail is exceptionally good for someone looking for a challenge and an opportunity to experience the true wildness in Labrador. The path is quite rough but will be rewarding when you reach the top of the hill. The view from the top is simply mind blowing.
Attractions along the Forest Road - Port Hope Simpson (larger version)
Forest Road Ramble - Port Hope Simpson
The forest access roads behind Port Hope Simpson is an excellent escape to nature. Summer, Fall and Spring great for hiking, bicycling, ATV & motor biking. In winter it is a snow lovers paradise for snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing. More
Big Hill Lookout
Constructed in 2011, this is a brand new walking trail route that will travel around John Martin's Pond and eventually leading to a local lookout. At the top, you will be able to see beautiful community of Charlottetown. Along the route, there are picnic tables, camping areas, cookhouse, and fire pits that is available for public use.

Duration: 30 - 35 minutes
Degree of difficulty: easy
Length of Trail: 3.5km
Pinware River Park Trail - Pinware
Pinware River Provincial Park has a beautiful hiking trail which leads you to a viewpoint overlooking the community of Pinware. The Park is also surrounded by a sandy beach, perfect for an evening stroll. More
Overfall Brook Trail - Forteau
Overfall Brook Trail travels along the shoreline of Forteau Bay. A lowland route proceeds along the beach and under the cliffs to the base of the Overfall Brook Falls. The upper route climbs the hill to the high ground, providing an excellent lookout over Forteau Bay with Point Amour Lighthouse visible in the distance. At trail end the "overfalls" presents excellent photo opportunities of a pure Labrador stream cascading 100 feet over rocky cliffs on its way to the ocean.

Duration: approximately 45 minutes one direction
Degree of difficulty: easy to moderate. More
Lawrence O'Brien Memorial Trail- Black Tickle
Located in the community of Black Tickle this combination trail of boardwalk and natural trail leads from the town to a popular fishing hole.

Duration: 15 minutes
Degree of difficulty: easy More
Schooner Cove Trail - L'Anse au Loup
Schooner Cove Trail travels through several different microzones of the Labrador coast, providing excellent opportunities to examine a variety of local flora. Schooner Cove, at trail end, was first occupied by Maritime Archaic Indians thousands of years ago. During the last 400 years it has been home to a variety of European and Labradorian whalers and fishermen. Large iron boilers and other bits of machinery scattered along the beach are the remnants of a whaling factory established there in the early 1900s. More
The Battery Trail-L'Anse Au Loup
The Battery Trail winds through stunted "tuckamore forest", the climax forest growth of the Labrador coast, and then across barren grounds to the summit of the Battery -- the highest land in the region. At trail end a spectacular panorama of the Strait of Belle Isle can be enjoyed, with excellent views of icebergs and, frequently, humpback whales. Please exercise caution when walking on the Battery, as steep cliffs drop sharply to the ocean. A fenced area is provided for your safety and enjoyment.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes one direction
Degree of difficulty: easy

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