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Battle Harbour is no longer a permanent community and would have been totally abandoned and lost to time if not for the painstakingly care and work of the Battle Harbour Historic Trust. The community is now commemorated as a National Historic District of Canada.

The mercantile saltfish premises of Battle Harbour were established by a British firm, John Slade & Company in the mid 1700s. Because of its location, Battle Harbour became the major base for the region's cod and seal fisheries and for commercial trade. For two centuries, Battle Harbour was known unofficially as the capital of Labrador. The first provincial hospital, outside of the capital of St. John's, was established there in 1893 by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, and it was the site from which Commander Robert Peary announced his successful expedition to the North Pole in 1909. Noted ecclesiastical architect William Grey designed the Church of St. James the Apostle for Battle Harbour in the late 1840s. Built in 1852 and restored in 1991, St. James is the sole surviving example of Grey's work. It is also the oldest surviving Anglican church in Labrador.
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The relocation of community residents under a government-sponsored resettlement program from 1965 to 1970 to nearby Mary’s Harbour, the replacement of saltfish operations with fresh and frozen fish industries and then the decline in the inshore fishery at the start of the 1990s saw an end to all operations at Battle Harbour. The site was turned over to the Battle Harbour Historic Trust and years of research and architectural restoration has revived the former glory of Battle Harbour. Numerous historic structures, walkways and work areas have been restored or reinstated, and a collection of more than 300 artifacts related to the fishery and everyday life are on display. Accommodations at Battle Harbour are beautifully restored, providing an ambiance of historical charm that is well blended with traditional Labrador hospitality.
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Tours can also be arranged to nearby abandoned fishing communities,including Cape St. Charles, which is the easternmost point on the North American mainland.
Battle Harbour is accessible by boat from Mary's Harbour
Address: P.O. Box 140, Mary's Harbour, NL A0K 3P0
Admission: $150.00 per person (includes round trip ferry ride, site admission, lunch, dinner and breakfast)
Accommodations: $175.00 -$495.00
Site Manager: Katherine Hann
Information and Reservations: Annette Holley
Phone: 709-921-6325

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