Winter Fun
Cross Country Skiiing
Port Hope Simpson and Forteau have developed cross-country skiing trails. Other than that, the backcountry lies pristine after each fresh snowfall. Here you can enjoy complete skiing as it was originally, mixing Nordic and alpine, skating and diagonal, telemark and slalom, beginner and expert manoeuvres. Open untouched slopes give way to fast slalom through pine and spruce trees that, in turn, give way to low undulating rises and frozen lakes over which to kick and glide toward home.

Our climate can be harsh, with temperatures in January dropping to –30C with high winds and frequent blizzards. To make up for this, the season is often extended long after the commercial area close down, and you’ll find great skiing into April and May.
Trail riding (larger version)
Snowmobiling in one of the best ways to enjoy a Labrador winter.

From January to late April it is by far the most exciting way to explore the open countryside, where there are countless snowmobiling opportunities. There are many local trails suitable for a day-long outing and many of our hoteliers offer snowmobile packages from their home base.

Labrador Coastal Drive is connected to the rest of Labrador during the winter months, as well, by an extensive snowmobile trail, the Trans-Labrador Trail. There are over 1500 km of winter highway, much of this trail is groomed. We invite you to experience the wonder and beauty of Labrador in winter. The views of the Mealy Mountains, frozen rivers, wide open tundra are truly spectacular.
Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is a traditional family pastime along Labrador Coastal Drive in late winter and early spring, as the weather starts to warm.

Trout are caught by drilling a hole in the ice and lowering a baited line. The best ponds are only accessible by snowmobile. Consult with a local resident or business before setting out on a fishing adventure or any adventure that will take you away from community boundaries or off the snowmobile trail.
Labrador skies(cletto) (larger version)
Winter Festivals
The winter months are leisure time for many of our residents and much fun is had at events that are ongoing throughout the winter. There’s the Labrador Sno’Blast with a number of sporting events to challenge your skills, the Alexis Sled Dog Race, Sno’ Tour 2004, and a Smelting Derby. For a complete listing check our Events and Festivals section.

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