Visitor Centres
There are several visitor centres along Labrador Coastal Drive that interpret our history, culture and natural environment, and provide helpful services for you during your travels.

The staff at our centres are always ready to answer questions, provide directions and give suggestions for activities. Drop by!
Gateway to Labrador (larger version)
Gateway to Labrador Visitor Centre
The Gateway is a beautifully restored early 20th century church. Visitor information, travel counselling and internet access are available to visitors here.

In addition to travel information, a series of interpretative panels, art pieces, and artifacts makes the Gateway a definite must see - for all visitors to Labrador Coastal Drive.
Panels with beautiful photography relate the story of the people of Labrador from the First Inhabitants who arrived in Labrador some 9000 years ago to present day settlers. Of particular interest in the exhibit is a reproduction of a Thule harpoon and reproductions of the artifacts recovered at the 7500 year old site at L'Anse Amour. The Gateway also houses a display of actual artifacts from the recently excavated Jersey Room at nearby L'Anse Au Cotard.

A tour of the region's historic attractions, including Red Bay, Battle Harbour, the Point Amour Lighthouse and the L'Anse Amour Burial site, will provide visitors with the full, incredible story of the people of Labrador
Vibrant silk paintings by renowned artist, Diana Dabinett, bring the flowers, birds, whales, and icebergs of Labrador to life in dramatic style. The beauty of the Northern Lights is captured in a winter landscape by local artist, Janet Howell.
Location: Route 510, L'Anse Au Clair
Admission: Free
Telephone: 709 931 2013
Fax: 709 927 5833
Labrador Straits Museum
The Labrador Straits Museum is owned and operated by the Labrador Straits Women's Institutes. It offers a rare chance to examine artifacts related to the way of life in the Labrador Straits in the early 20th century. A special attraction is of a ship that went ashore near Pinware. The figurehead is said to have once been the likeness of Queen Victoria. The Museum's exhibit entitled Through Our Eyes and With Our Hands profiles the contribution that women have made to the history and development of the Labrador Straits.

Reproduction artifacts from the nearby L'Anse Amour Burial National Historic Site are also on display at the Labrador Straits Museum.

Location:Community Centre, L'Anse Au Loup
Closed for 2020 Season
Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site
Built in the 1850s to serve a new steamship route through the Strait of Belle Isle, Point Amour lighthouse is the tallest in Atlantic Canada. Now designated a Provincial Historic Site, the lighthouse has been restored and renovated. Extensive exhibits portray the maritime history of our region.

The lighthouse is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the Strait of Belle Isle. It is well worth the energetic climb up the 122 steps of the lighthouse tower for the spectacular view of the surrounding land and seascape. The tower measures 109 feet from the ground to the light and 125 feet to the silver tip of the brass lightning rod. The walls are 6.5 feet thick at the base, tapering towards the top.
Red Bay National Historic Site
Whalers from the Basque region of Spain and France were hunting whales and processing oil for the lucrative European market at numerous ports in Southern Labrador by the 1540s. Red Bay, known to the Basques as Butus, was one of the largest and busiest ports. Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada tells an incredible story of hardship, exploitation and profit through walking tours, video presentations, interpretive displays and numerous original artifacts.
Right Whale Exhibit Museum
Phone: 1-709-920-2197
Location: Red Bay

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