Historic Sites
"Compelling and inspirational, Labrador Coast's history of human settlement is as unique as the land itself."
Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site
Visitors to Point Amour can often enjoy a spectacular show of icebergs, whales and seabirds. The Point Amour Lighthouse is one of the two oldest working lighthouses in Canada today and the tallest lighthouse tower in Atlantic Canada. More
Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada
Hear the story and view artifacts from a Basque Whaling Station that provided oil for the lamps of Europe four and half centuries ago.More
Battle Harbour National Historic District of Canada
Step back in time at Battle Harbour, a restored fishing village on a tiny island in the Labrador Sea, one of North America's oldest northern communities. More
L'Anse Amour National Historic Site
The burial mound forms part of an ancient, multi-component archaeological site occupied by the Maritime Archaic people. It is made up of low mound of large stones, Within the mound is a small stone burial chamber underneath which was found the well-preserved skeleton of a child along with a number of artifacts. More

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