Overfall Brook Trail Forteau
Overfall Brook (larger version)
The trail travels along the shoreline of Forteau Bay. Along the way, look for blue irises and beach peas as well as watchful "whistlers". The view from the trail overlooks Forteau Bay and you can see Point Amour Lighthouse in the distance. Humpback and minke whales are also commonly sighted in the bay. The trail leads to a beautiful broad waterfall which cascades over rocky cliff into the ocean.

"For those with extra energy, there are opportunities to scramble up the ridge line plateau above you for views. The remaining walk into town provides a pretty waterfall (Overfall Brook Falls) and some rolling trail along the steep banks leading into the town of Forteau. There is a high narrow route climbing a steeper grade alongside the cliffs with a sharp dropoff to the beach."

Duration: 1 hour
Degree of Difficulty: Easy but with a challenging section up the cliff face. Choose to hike the bottom path if the water level allows.
Directions: Turn off Route 510 at intersection across from Town Centre, drive to the Labrador Pioneer Footpath trail head parking lot overlooking Forteau Bay.

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