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Tracey Hill Trail - Red Bay

" 1.6km each way or about 3km round trip... I hiked close to 700 steps in relative easy pausing only for shots of Red Bay. However, at stair 300 or so, icebergs!! Lots of them, coming down the coastline like airplanes stacked up for landing at a busy airport. One after another "cleared for viewing". I met one other savvy hiker using the hill hikes to spot icebergs.
This is an interpretive "hike" with several signs about local history. The stairs became popular across Newfoundland and Labrador and may not be every hiker's idea of a hike, however, I will say this, they are easy to spot from anywhere in town -- no question where the hike is. And it does make for the most direct line up the hill, adding some great cardio if you near run it.
Along the way, you get an excellent view back on historic Red Bay, first visited in the 1500's by Basque Whalers. Parks Canada runs a national historic site here with boat trips over to Saddle Island, and two interpretive museum like halls for learning all about the Basque fisherman, and the British, French, Irish, and Newfoundlanders who followed. Of course, first nations history factors into the region, excellent harbours always have been a favourite amoungst seafarers.
This harbour however has an impressive metal wreck of a large ship built in the early 1900's. The interpretive signs tell the whole story. As you gain altitude (or stairs), the trail levels off, and you look over to the rugged barrens and the "pole path", a pond, and finally the peak. At the top you've got a full view of the coastline, and can look over to the mountainous terrain south of Red Bay which will one day form the terminus of the Labrador Pioneer Footpath.
All in I was probably hiking (stairmastering) for about 30-40 minutes, but you should spend more time here, as there are picnic table rest stops and a nice breeze, not likely you'll have a black fly problem here."

Duration: 40 minutes
Degree of difficulty: Steps, Moderate
Directions: A large sign with the trail names Boney Trail and Tracey Hill Trail mark the turn off on Route 510 on arrival in Red Bay.
Boney Shore Trail
This is a flat, gravel trail which makes it suitable for walkers of all ages and skill levels. The trail begins at the end of the road to Tracey in a stunted fir and larch forest. Along the trail the ground is covered with Labrador tea, bakeapples, partridge berries, lichen and mosses in season. At Boney shore beach keep an eye out whitish-grey whale bones which date back to the 16th century. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for whales just off the shore.

Duration: 30 minutes, one direction
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Saddle Island Trail
Visitors can take a boat tour over to Saddle Island where they will hear stories about the Basque whalers and can take a self-guided tour that visits the sites of the island's tryworks, cooperages, and burial ground.

Duration: 1 hour
Degree of Difficulty: Easy

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