Port of Call, Red Bay
Red Bay is an ideal harbour that has attracted fishers through the centuries. By the 1540's, ships from the Basque provinces of France and Spain were braving the cold waters of the North Atlantic to seek their fortunes by hunting the right and bowhead whales in the Strait of Belle Isle. The Basque processed oil for the lucrative European markets at numerous ports in Labrador but Red Bay, known as Butus, was one of the largest and busiest. The seasonal whaling activities that took place at this historical port constituted the first industry of any kind in Canada.

Archival research by Selma Barkham was the foundation for the great discoveries in the Red Bay area, including a 16th century Basque whaling ship, believed to be the San Juan. These discoveries lead to Red Bay being designated a National Historic Site in 1989 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.
Red Bay has survived as a small fishing community. And its quiet, picturesque, charm is as much an attraction for visitors today as is its history.
Whales, Ships and Men
The Basque Whalers of Red Bay
Discover the incredible stories of hardship, exploitation, and profit of 16th century Basque whaling and the role that it played in the history of Canada. Tour the artifact collection and interpretive displays, including a restored 16th century whaling boat. Optional add-on: Visit to the Right Whale Exhibit at the Selma Barkham Town Hall.
Parks Canada
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Echoes of the Past
A special interpretative program offered by Parks Canada on Saddle Island.
Parks Canada
Cindy Gibbons 709 921 2142

A Basque Whaler and His Wife
A special interpretative program offered by Parks Canada at the Orientation Centre
Parks Canada
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Digging Through Time
Learn the secrets revealed by the archaeological sites on Saddle Island.Interpretation highlights the natural features that made Red Bay one of the most important 16th century whaling ports.
Parks Canada
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Walking and Hiking
Stroll Through Historical Red Bay
This 2 hour guided walking tour takes you through the village of Red Bay visiting local landmarks and the Parks Canada National Historic Sites. Learn about the history of the community, and some of the recent culture. Learn how the land and the sea has been exploited for centuries in Labrador for its abundance of resources.
Labrador Adventures
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Going Coastal
A 6 or 4 hour hiking excursion on the Labrador Pioneer Footpath, a traditional footpath that has been used for centuries by the people of Labrador. The hiking tour begins with a short drive through villages along the coast to access the trail. This ia a great opportunity to view whales, icebergs, wildflowers and berries. A local guide will provide interpretation of how people lived off the land and sea, in sometimes unforgiving conditions.
Labrador Adventures
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Explore our Culture
Labrador Boil -Up
Enjoy a lunch on the beach cooked over an open fire in company of local residents.
Marilyn Bridle, Whalers Restaurant
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Tea with Grenfell
Listen to stories of the Red Bay Co-op circa 1896 and have a cup of tea with "Dr. Grenfell" at the site of the first Co-op in Newfoundland and Labrador
Marilyn Bridle, Whalers Restaurant
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Labrador Coastal Drive with Lunch
The Tour begins in Red Bay, home to Red Bay's National Historic Site and continues along the scenic coastal highway through Labrador villages. Receive an orientation to Labrador Coastal Drive at the Gateway to Labrador Visitor Centre in L'Anse au Clair. This building was the community's first church (built in 1909 by volunteers) and was totally restored in 1992. Interior and exterior exhibits display the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Labrador Coastal Drive. Also visit the Labrador Straits Museum which explores the recent history of the Labrador coast. Exhibits focus on settlement over the past 150 years with special emphasis on the role of women in our history. Experience real Labrador Cuisine at a local Restaurant which will include traditional Labrador dish recipes with local berry deserts. Prior to returning to the ship, visit the Red Bay National Historic Site dedicated to the legacy of Basque whalers who spent their summers harvesting Bowhead and Right Whales many centuries ago.
Labrador Adventures
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Along the Coast
Cruise visitors to Red Bay can experience other chapters of Labrador history by taking shore excursions to explore the whole south coast of Labrador, including a visit to the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada at Point Amour and to L'Anse Amour to ponder the mystery of the ceremonial burial of an Maritime Archaic adolescent who died some 7500 years ago, almost 2000 years before the construction of the pyramids.

Lighthouse Journey,
Travel along the coastal highway through Labrador communities over the Pinware River, along the L'Anse Amour Burial Mound to the Point Amour Lighthouse, tallest lightouse in Atlantic Canada. A panoramic view of the surrounding land and sea, and a glimpse of its historical attributes can be witnessed during the 128 step adventure to the top. See local artisans at work and sample Labrador tea. Enjoy a local refreshment prior to returning to the ship.
Labrador Adventures
Carmen Hancock, 931 2055
Labrador Berry Tasting at Point Amour Lighthouse
Embark on trip to visit nearby Labrador communities. In the comfort of a modern motor coach, you can visit the beautiful Pinware River valley, the communities of Pinware, West St. Modeste, L'anse Au Loup, and Labradors' smallest community, L'Anse Amour, with a population of just 8 people. At Point Amour, get a "taste" for life at an isolated Labrador lightstation, explore the landscape along short interpretative trails and enjoy majestic views, especially from the top of this
Imperial tower, which is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada. Over tea and tarts filled with Labrador berries, see an art exhibit and chat with local craftpersons. On the return to Red Bay, we stop at the oldest mound burial in North America to ponder the mystery of the ceremonial burial of a Maritime Archaic adolescent who died some 7500 years ago, that's about 2000 years before the construction of the pyramids
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Dave Snow,
Red Bay hosts a welcome for each cruise ship visit including:

• Basque Whaler historical figure and Parks Canada staff to welcome visitors
• Town map and local information booth dockside
• A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer in formal dress to assist in providing welcome at the gangway
• Complimentary shopping shuttle located dockside( contingent on arrangements made by Town of Red Bay)
Port Specifications & Services
Latitude: 51:44'N, Longitude: 56:26'W
Channel Depth at Low Tide: 6 metres
# of Cruise Berths: 1 floating dock
Harbour Authority: Verna Brown, 709 921 2095
Anchorage Marine Chart #4669, Western Arm and Basin
Floating Docks: Located at Former Fish Plant
Prevailing winds: Westerly

Services: Water, Anchorage, Provisions, Pilotage not required, Security on request (RCMP), Bank, Restaurants, Shopping, Public Restrooms and Telephones, Internet, Medical/Hospital, Police
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Labrador Straits Cruise Committee
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